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Jurors And Trials

Insurance companies, not attorneys, force cases to trial and often times refuse to even pay medical expenses caused by the person who caused the injury.

In a trial, jurors are not allowed to be told that an insurance company is paying for the losses. Jurors are also not told that the insurance company hired the defense lawyer and pays their fees. Jurors are not told that the doctors for the defense--who usually all testify that the injured person isn't hurt--are paid by the insurance company.

During a trial, the jurors are not told that the insurance company may have made a "low-ball" offer which didn't even cover the medical expenses of the injured client. The attorneys at the Law Office of Mark A. Gould, P.C. are experienced trial lawyers. Click here to see a sampling of some of our verdicts and settlements.

To learn more about trials, jurors, and insurance companies, click here to read the article that Attorney Gould had published in the North Denver News.

We are insurance lawyers. Anytime that you are dealing with an insurance company to get a claim paid, you need our help. Insurance companies are not your friends, and from the minute you have a claim, they are looking for ways not to pay.

Whether you were hit by another driver and are dealing with their insurance company, or you have a claim against your own insurance company, we can help.

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