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Drunk Driving Accidents

You deserve to be compensated for your nightmare.
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Denver DUI Lawyer

After being hit by a drunk driver in Denver, a DUI lawyer is essential. You deserve to be compensated for all damages and injuries. Let us handle your case to get as much compensation as possible following your injuries.

We make drunk drivers pay for their negligence.

If you need help getting money to help pay for your medical expenses and bills; you cannot afford to pay attorneys' fees, right now. At the Law Office of Mark A. Gould, P.C., we charge on a contingency fee basis which means you will not pay for representation unless we help you recover money from the insurance company.

You deserve to be paid for the nightmare that a drunk driver has put you through. Most likely, you have already had to pay for some of the following bills out of pocket:

Medical treatment for injuries

Car repairs, or a new car if your old vehicle was totaled

Lost wages due to missing work

In addition, many injuries require ongoing treatment, so you may have future medical bills to pay for. This is not your responsibility, and we will make sure the drunk driver is held accountable. Drunk driving accidents can be devastating for all involved, which is why we are ready to fight for you.

In fact, we can try to get additional compensation for you in the form of punitive damages, which attempt to teach drunk drivers that they cannot get away with injuring others on the road in this way.

We can meet with you in the daytime, evening, or weekends, either at your house or our office. When you need a Denver DUI lawyer to make drunk drivers pay for their negligence, call The Law Office of Mark A. Gould, P.C.

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